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Shopify Vs. Shopify Plus: A Brief Guide

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If you are an eCommerce retailer, then you must have heard about Shopify and Shopify Plus that are the thriving inventions in the eCommerce ground. Where the pandemic drastically affected the livelihoods of many business sectors, trade was one of the sectors that was affected the most. For the retailers, it was the need of the hour to adopt innovative yet effective methods and strategies. In the pandemic situation virtual shopping platforms were the only chance for retailers to survive their businesses. One of the most well-known eCommerce development company in USA In this regard, Shopify and Shopify Plus worked very well for them.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about this eCommerce retailing global stores.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the most popular and leading eCommerce platform, that allows retailers to set up and thrive their businesses worldwide. It is running in 175 different countries and 500,000 businesses who are utilizing this advantageous platform for selling their products globally. $40 billion sales are recorded on Shopify since 2012. This is an outstanding platform that garners maximum sales and generates optimum revenue. Shopify is entirely a cloud-based platform that provides ease while managing web servers. In other words, this is a robust source of income generation for online sellers and retailers.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the upgraded version of Shopify. This is a cost-effective solution for various enterprises that is built to change the eCommerce code of conduct. The existence of Shopify Plus is proving that the eCommerce world is changing and evolving into a more digitized form. Shopify Plus is an online selling podium, which is more enhanced in user-experience and equipped with thrilling features. According to the analytics, over one million businesses have made up to $172 billion in sales so far, through this podium.

Shopify Vs. Shopify Plus

When it comes to the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus, these are very less. Both share a similar interface, but there is a pricing difference for sure because Shopify Plus is more advanced in features. Comparatively, Shopify Plus and Shopify both are catering the retailers in their best ways and both offer global storefront experience. Shopify hosts the small to medium business setups while Shopify Plus is an ideal option for the giant enterprises for attaining greater returns through the highest sales.

How Shopify And Shopify Plus are Beneficial For Retailers?

There are numerous benefits with Shopify and Shopify Plus that the retailers are seizing, from all around the globe. The question may arise why retailers’ interests are developing towards such platforms. A solid reason depicts that with such platforms like Shopify and Shopify Plus, the retailers get an advantage for creating an online income stream, to scale up their businesses and to double up their revenue.

However, there are other positive edges for retailers at these platforms. Such as, if you are not a coding expert, even then, you can set up your Shopify store. Moreover, it is easy-to-setup and run, while offering a user-friendly interface. The noteworthy point for the retailer is that Shopify allow full access to analytics, which is immensely helpful for the evaluation and analyzation of the business’s performance.

Subsequently, the data-driven decisions become possible with these evaluations for the retailers. Most of the retailers now prefer online selling platforms like Shopify and Shopify Plus, since there is an advantage of winning or capturing a global audience. However, selling through multiple channels is a way to uplift the income stream.

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Advantages Which Shopify And Shopify Plus Commonly Shares:

Shopify and Shopify Plus propose various advantages in the eCommerce field. Some of them are presented here:

High-level Customer Support System:

Shopify and Shopify Plus both enable the vendors to treat their customers with a brilliant customer support system. These eCommerce stations are the ideal choices for the individual vendors and teams. Both are surprisingly helpful. Moreover, community forums, Shopify academy, help center, webinars, and hands-on human help all are featured in both of them to cater to the needs of customers. Merchant success program by Shopify Plus provides customer support all around the clock. Besides, various Facebook groups of Shopify and Shopify Plus members are serving for supporting the clients.

Multi-Channel Retailing Capability:

Shopify and Shopify Plus enable the online vendors to integrate their storefront along other selling channels including, Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce marketplaces. This multiple-integration to multiple- channels, makes both of them versatile in their way. With Shopify POS, the retailers can have an in-person presence that makes direct communication to the customers. Shopify Plus occupies more extravagant tools, follows interlinking to other retailer platforms. Thus, the more the creation of a virtual presence on numerous eCommerce avenues, the greater the chances of increased sales.

Optimal Customization and Inventory Management:

Customization is a significant feature that depicts that the payment process and product pages that can be designed accordingly. The checkout page is also custom-made with a responsive layout. When it comes to inventory management, Shopify extends a smooth inventory control from booking to dispatching the products. The retailers are aware of the products’ movement all the way. Other than that, Shopify Plus comes with more upgraded features that approach the insights of sales.

Capitalize New Opportunities with Clone Store:

Reaching the new audience with Shopify Plus is not difficult any more. Utilize this single account and build numerous versions of your e-store. Clone store or multi-store comes in premium Shopify Plus. The basic plan does not support it. The clone store execution escalates the income chain through international eCommerce since whole selling, and regional stores are the main target of it, also helps to understand multiple languages and supports currencies.

Complications with Shopify and Shopify Plus

With Shopify, the retailers have to bear enforced transaction fees, even if they do not use Shopify Payments. In contrast, Shopify Plus allows 10,000 transactions per minute, it restricts the retailers in terms of monthly cost done by the quote, where the prices are not set.

We see a lack of integration in the case of Shopify. It does not permit for multi-location setup.

Limited customization in Shopify holds back the online retailers from switching the themes from one to another without reformatting the content.

On the other hand, Shopify Plus demands a huge time investment in order to run or to maintain the eCommerce website. Moreover, the sustainability of Shopify Plus is only possible with giant enterprises.

In the end, the merchants have to decide which platform is the right choice for their business and where to establish their online storefronts for vending in this economic rundown.

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