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HealthCare Application Development Solutions To Detect and Prevent Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer has been around for centuries, but it has become quite common in recent decades. It is common among females, and every one out of five women could face such a threat. The technology wasn’t as evolved back in days, and many women lost their lives due to this disease.

Causes Of Breast Cancer:

Researchers have found out that Breast cancer often occurs when some breast cells initiate to work abnormally. They start to divide at a much faster rate and continue to expand in return, which causes the body to form lumps around the area of the chest or underarms. These cells may even spread through the breast to the lymph nodes or, in a worst-case scenario, spread across other body parts.

Breast cancer usually begins from cells in the milk-producing vessels, also known as invasive ductal carcinoma. It can also be located in the glandular tissue, referred to as invasive lobular carcinoma is the medical term.

Symptoms of breast cancer are the following:

  • Lumps form in the underarm (armpit) or around the breast.
  • Swelling around the parts of the breast.
  • Irritation on the breast skin.
  • Redness on the nipple area.
  • Pain in the breast area.
  • Nipple discharge blood other than milk.
  • Unexpected change in the size of the breast.

The symptoms mentioned above can happen with other medical conditions that are not breast cancer.

How can technology help us overcome such a disease?

Technology has helped us overcome many setbacks in the world and it has done a great deal of work on Healthcare app development. Unlike before, people have instant access to a doctor at their fingertips. These health care apps come quite handy in an emergency, and most of all, they are cost-effective in so many ways.

According to researchers, people prefer using the healthcare applications to check out their symptoms, get a professional to consult them much faster, and, most importantly, a patient’s diagnosis is kept secure and only accessible to users they allow, like their doctors and loved ones. People often want to keep their privacy when it comes to their medical health, a perk of having a healthcare application.

Following are the healthcare app development that changed the world; they are detailed with their rating and Cost:

  • CareZone:

    Ratings on Appstore and Playstore:

    • Appstore: 4.6 stars
    • Playstore: 4.6 stars

    Cost: Free

    CareZone streamlines medication management so that you have an inclined procedure to take your medicines. The healthcare app developers allowed this app to schedule the intake of your dosage. It can be accessible to other people so they can take care of you as well. It has other functions as reminders, refills, and prescriptions.

  • Breast Cancer Healthline:

    Ratings on Appstore and Playstore:

    • Appstore: 4.8 stars
    • Playstore: 4.5 stars

    Cost: Free

    Breast Cancer Healthline is an app specifically for breast cancer. It was designed to remind the user that they are not alone going through this. Women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer and are receiving treatment often get depressed. This app has a group discussion function that allows them to continue fighting and help them recover.

  • Cancer Therapy Advisor:

    Ratings on Appstore and Playstore:

    • Appstore: 4.8 stars
    • Playstore: 4.6 stars

    Cost: Free with in-app purchases

    Cancer Therapy Advisor is an app Developed for oncology experts; Cancer Therapy Advisor accumulates the latest news and trends for cancer treatment regimens, slideshows, case studies, full-length features, and medical information for various types of cancer. It’s better to gain knowledge of any cancer and how to handle it.

  • BELONG Beating Cancer Together:

    Ratings on Appstore and Playstore:

    • Appstore: 4.9 stars
    • Playstore: 4.7 stars

    Cost: Free

    BELONG Beating Cancer Together Is a free application that helps you access to the finest care. Users can directly get a consulting session with experts, giving accurate responses to the users pressing inquiries about breast cancer. The app also allows the patient to share it with their doctors and loved ones. You can sign up for medical trials and get in contact with leading oncologists.

  • ACS FUNdraising:

    Ratings on Appstore and Playstore:

    • Appstore: 4.3 stars
    • Playstore: 4.5 stars

    Cost: Free with in-app purchases

    Beating any cancer can take resources, for that it includes financial support. ACS FUNdraising helps you become a part of the breast cancer community. Such communities set up local fundraising events. That helps a user gain donation to fight breast cancer.


Technological innovation in the medical industry has indubitably reshaped how people access healthcare. The development of medical devices and equipment has played a great role in enhancing their lives’ quality. From electronic medical records, e-prescriptions to telehealth services, and mobile app solutions, medical tech continues to streamline healthcare services and make lives easier.

Silicon Graphics being USA’s leading mobile app development company USA, provides a robust and easy-to-use platform for all healthcare professionals and patients. Our medical software offers feature-rich apps that prevent, detect diseases, provide care, and support survivors’ communities.

We build state-of-the-art mobile applications that will help breast cancer patients receive immediate consultation from healthcare professionals and get full-length treatment regimens through which patients can detect cancer in the early stages and get timely preventive measures; Silicon Graphics aims to be at the forefront and provide innovative tech solution when it comes to life-saving situations.

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