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Muhammad Jalal (Founder of Beewisemove.com)

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The product aims to provide ease in the moving of every customer who wishes to shift from one part of UK to another. The unique sales point here is the ease in management of every movement in a way which is easier and more convenient for the user.

The user books a move, specifies the time and duration of the move. An inspection is carried out and the moving initiates. The inspector Marks the task as complete once done and the user verifies it. Booking a move has never been this easier before.

Challenges Faced

The ultimate challenge here was the provision of a user friendly solution for the move here. Our business analyst team worked on multiple flows but the flaws were always faces in areas where the user and inspector communication were required. We also had to work on the validation of dates and areas where the movement was supposed to be initiated from. This initiation point was what consumed most of our time as the aim was high and the work was a lot.

Applied Technologies


Strategy and Planning

Ui / Ux Design

Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD.

Front End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework

Back End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework

Mobile Development

React, Native Base, XML, React-Redux, React Context Base Java Module




Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and Smoke Testing

Move Booking

The move booking was initially a tough area to ponder over as the user can move from a mansion, an apartment of a bungalow. We then decided that the move forms change with respect to each property in order for the admin to gain more clarity on the situation of the move without having to call the customer to inquire about these basic details. Then if there were 4 rooms in the residence, we implied a restriction that atleast 4 pictures are to be attached to the form before the user can proceed further with the move. This included a system where the system would also take input of the fragile items from the user in order to convey the information regarding the item type to the admin.

Inspector Application

The next issue came in the second phase where we decided to launch the inspector application in order for the inspector to log in all his movements from this application using their own username and password.

The inspectors were assigned the jobs by the admin of the application and they could fill in their part of the job only when the start time of the inspection or the job came in. They would enter in all the details of their inspection and initiate the move on the moving date. This came in pretty smoothly once they started following the practices.

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